Care of Fibers

All pieces have been dyed and printed by hand with natural dyes, mainly from plants and insects, although I want to incorporate other sources of colour, such as minerals, fungi or lichens.

Natural dyes constitute complex colour sources as they are composed of varied colouring molecules that differ in tone, unlike synthetic dyes which are composed of a single repeated molecule. 

The complex chemical composition of natural dyes gives them interesting shades of colour that can over time mutate and change in shade. This is quite normal and is due to the fact that some molecules are more unstable than others within the whole, so some shades will fade before others.



To extend the life of your naturally dyed fabrics it is recommended:

- Hand wash in cold water (<30C).
- Use a pH neutral detergent. Some natural dyes are sensitive to pH changes and this could lead to colour changes.
- Do not use bleaching agents.
- Do not scratch the garment with brushes or any other abrasive agents.
- Do not soak.
- Dry in the shade and keep out of direct sunlight.

***Indigo may cause bleeding at the beginning of wear and washings, this is normal. You can wash the bleed fabric or garment with soap and water. Color bleeding will stabilise over time.

***Keep in mind that all pieces have been made by hand, so you might find small irregularities that are characteristic of handcrafted works.